Table of Contents

  1. Language by Lesley Inglis, Mary Newsome, Zhihua Tang, and Randi Martin
    This chapter illustrates the use of video, simulations, and demonstration experiments.
    1. Introduction
    2. Speech Perception
    3. Word Comprehension
    4. Sentence Comprehension (I)
    5. Sentence Comprehension (II)
    6. Word Production (I)
    7. Word Production (II): PDP Model
    8. Sentence Production
    9. References
    10. List of Multimedia Components
  2. Attention and Perception by Deborah Pearson, Geofrey Potts, and James Pomerantz
    This chapter illlustrates the use of video, interactive demontrations, and demontration experiments.
    1. Shape Constancy
    2. Attention
    3. Attentional Deficit Disorder
    4. References
    5. List of Multimedia Components
  3. Thinking by Daniel Osherson
    This chapter illlustrates the use of inclusion of experimental stimuli and the use of PET images.
    1. Thinking
    2. References
  4. Autism by Elizabeth N. Bartmess-LeVasseur and Kathryn Loveland. Internet links: David Lane
    This chapter illustrates the use of internet links.
    1. Introduction
    2. Theory of Autism
    3. References